Discover our exclusive new cloud-based service: eCTD247

Launched on October, 24
Prepare, manage and submit your IND, NDA, ANDA or BLA submissions, regardless your level of eCTD expertise. With the eCTD 247 package, simple eCTD submissions can be published by yourself. For more complex submissions, you can get help by using our submission services. Compiling an eCTD submission is just the final step. The key is to have all documents ready on time and accessible. eCTD 247 is a cloud platform that helps you securely manage your regulatory content.
With eCTD 247, the eCTD knowhow is embedded into the software itself in a simplified intuitive manner, thus saving you time, money and resources.
The eCTD247 service is offered in three flexible and practical subscription formats: Essential (low number of submissions, price per sequence), Premium (large number of submissions, price per user) and Enterprise (on premise).
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