Ennov V8.3 announcement

Ennov is pleased to announce the release of version 8.3 of the Ennov Platform.
Version 8.3 includes significant improvements to:

  • Ennov 21CFR, which is now completely integrated into the main platform interface, enabling to access the audit trail within the same interface as Ennov Doc and Process.
  • Ennov Dossier’s ( ectd software ) supported local variations of eCTD, NeeS and vNeeS.

In addition to the new features, Ennov version 8.3 also includes many bug fixes and performance improvements. Ennov version 8.3 is available now for download from our Customer Portal.
For more information on Ennov’s innovative product suite, please visit us at http://www.ennov.com or email us at [email protected].