Ennov at ASQ 2015 – World Conference on Quality & Improvement

Transforming the World Through Innovation, Inspiration, and Leadership

May 4-6, 2015 – Nashville, TN

With globalization, the influence of quality reaches beyond individual organizations, industries, countries, or regions. More and more businesses are required to consider and align to the standards of multiple sites. Electronic Management Systems is a way to address the challenge of bringing a solid structure and stability to harmonize organizations and management systems that touch and are touched by multiple countries and varying cultures.
Today, more than ever, quality has become a fundamental pillar to every organizations. Within this setting, the 2015 World Conference On Quality and Improvement offers a forum of ideas and an international network of thought leaders, experts, and peers eager to share the best practices, tested solutions, and proven results.
Come meet us at Ennov Booth to discuss about best practices and proven results for quality standards harmonization across your enterprise with Ennov Quality Software.
Come visit us at booth # 200.
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